Reserach Projects

This page contains a brief overview of research projects undertaken in our group. A separate page dedicated to each project will contain more details, related presentations and publications, and free-software to download. Please click the link to the individual research project if interested to read more.

Computational Flight Dynamics


Current conservatism in aircraft design is needed because of the limited certainty in the aerodynamic predictions based on semi-empirical and linear models. To identify early in the aircraft design process undesired characteristics that require costly retrofitting and degrade overall performances, and reduce the overall cost and time to bring new aircraft on the market, advances in the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are needed… [Read more]



Evaluation of CFD Methods on Slender Missile Configuration

Slender bodyThe project will investigate the influence of turbulence modelling and grid topology on the prediction of the flowfield around a slender missile configuration that has been tested extensively in several wind tunnels worldwide. Accurate time-domain calculations using a well-established Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver are performed on a Linux High Performance Computing facility of the University of Southampton… [Read more]


Energy Harvesting Aeroelastic Vibrations

EHIn flight, aircraft regularly encounter atmospheric gusts and turbulence. This causes aeroelastic vibrations in wings, which become more critical as the aspect ratio increases. The idea is to harvest the mechanical energy of the aeroelastic vibrations to power a wireless sensors network for a variety of applications… [Read more]



Next-generation Flexible Aircraft: Modelling and Wind Tunnel Testing

DLR F-4 Wing/Body configurationThe challenge for seven final year students at the University of Southampton is to deliver a unique set of numerical and experimental capabilities to support the design of unconventional or next-generation aircraft concepts. Among other difficulties, students need to develop an in-depth understanding of the multi-disciplinary intricacies of aeroservoelasticity complementing the knowledge acquired during their studies… [Read more]



URANS Vortex Street Simulations

flow_smallerThis research project investigates the vortex shedding problem around a circular cylinder for the subcritical Reynolds number Re = 23,879 at a Mach number M = 0.1. Simulations consist of two-dimensional unsteady Reynolds averaged Navier-Stokes modelling with a Wallin and Johansson EARSM k − ω turbulence model using the compressible flow solver code Edge from FOI, Sweden… [Read more]