Summer School

Beihang University Summer School in Southampton 2016

8-19 August 2016

A delegation of 25 students from Beihang University, Beijing (China), travelled to the University of Southampton for two weeks of intensive courses in aerospace engineering. The summer school, named Being University Summer School in Southampton 2016 (BUS3 2016), reflects the on-going collaborations between the two universities and, in particular, between Dr A. Da Ronch (Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, University of Southampton) and Dr D. Li (Beihang University). The objectives of the summer school, which took place at the University between 08 and 19 August 2016, were two-fold. The first objective was to provide in-depth and high-quality teaching in aerodynamics and structural design of aircraft. Classes were enriched by practical examples drawn from industrial practice, benefiting from a close cooperation with Airbus. The second objective was for the visiting students to experience a new personal and cultural environment, far away from that of their home towns. Lectures were followed by technical tours, like visits to local museums and the University wind tunnels, and places of cultural interest, from London to Cambridge and the Isle of Wight.

This year’s lecturers were Dr A. Da Ronch, who also coordinated the event, Dr Z. Hu and Dr Z.-T. Xie. Special thanks go to R. Allan and N. Roberts for their continued support.

Summer School Programme

Low Speed Aerodynamics and Computational Fluid Dynamics / Drs. Z. Hu and Z.-T. Xie

The module covers several aspects of low speed flow aerodynamics, including the fundamentals of incompressible flow, some inviscid methods for potential flow and viscous methods for 2D boundary layers, from which to develop and practice the viscous-inviscid interaction method for aerofoil/wing design. Flow transition and turbulence modelling are introduced followed by some practical Computational Fluid Dynamics problems.

Introduction to Aircraft Structural Design and Aeroelasticity / Dr A. Da Ronch

The module not only introduces the fundamental concepts of aircraft structural design but also provides the analytical and numerical tools to analyse complex aerospace systems within a multi-disciplinary environment. Understanding and predicting the mutual interactions between different fields (aerodynamics and structural dynamics, which are overviewed within the module) is instrumental to successfully design any modern future air vehicle.


The opening ceremony of the summer school, Monday 8 August 2016. Dr Da Ronch from the University of Southampton (left) and Mr Jin Xin from Beihang University (right)


Group photo in front of the Hartley Library. Dr Da Ronch from the University of Southampton (centre) and Mr Jin Xin from Beihang University (second from right)


A moment during a lecture given by Dr A. Da Ronch


Visit to the R.J. Mitchell wind tunnel, a flagship of the University of Southampton excellence in aeronautical engineering in the UK